•        Hour starts at beginning of task and includes 10 miles of travel.
•        1 hour minimum – Billing then in 15-minute increments.
•        Additional travel will be charged at $.50 per mile.
•        As many tasks as possible will be completed in the hour.
•        Cost of purchases is NOT included in hourly rate.  
•        Payment is due at time of service. Check, Cash or Credit Card via Paypal on Web

24-hour notice is requested for services, but every effort will be made to meet your
needs as quickly as possible.
Special Packages:
5 hours of
service monthly
@ $1
10 hours of
service monthly
@ $
15 hours of
service monthly
@ $
20 hours of
service monthly
@ $
Price List for Services:  
Personal Services & Errands:
Drop-off/Pick-up. We can go to
the pharmacy, dry cleaners, post
office, video store, bank, library,
donations (Goodwill), virtual
office, take-out etc...

$35.00 per hour
Shopping: Door to door
service and we will help you put
the items away if you need it.
We can help you shop for the
perfect gift or personal shopping
for any occasion.

$35.00 per hour
Concierge Service: We will
look to find you the best
restaurants, gifts, vacation
spots, furniture, events and
much more…Our team will
give you options to all your
items your looking to buy

$35.00 per hour
Home Organization: We
will organize closets, rooms,
garages, home office,
basement etc…We also can
help you with boxing items
for a move to a new house
or help you design a room.

$55.00 per hour
Business Services: Our team will
help with various duties for your
office help, coordination, banking,
courier, mailings etc…Please see full
list under business services tab.

$20-$50 per hour
(1 hour minimum)
Additional fees may apply
Wait For/Line Standing:
We’ll wait Service/Repair/Installation
people, Utilities, Returns/Exchanges,
concert tickets, Motor Vehicle
Registration, etc.

$30.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
House Sitting: We will
water both indoor/outdoor
plants, check mail and rotate
lights on/off in your home
to look like you’re home.

$17.00 per trip/$120.00 week
One Trip a Day 30 min - Fee: $17
Two Trips a Day 30 min - Fee: $30
Daycare - Fee:
$17/hour with a
minimum charge of 3 hours
Overnight - Fee:
****Fees are per dog***
There is a charge of
$10 per day for
additional dogs (per dog).
We can get your package
delivered on-time and with 5
miles free. Meal Delivery: If you
are hungry and just can’t get away
or you have a homebound friend
we will deliver or take-out your
kitchen to theirs
$35.00 per hour
Senior Services: We’ll drop by
your loved ones home and
check on how they are doing.
We will do tasks for them and
run errands. We will then call or
email you to update and inform
you on how everything is going.

$35.00 per hour
Vehicle Tasks:
Clean up car inside: $25.00 per hour
Drop-off/Pick up repair shop or wait
for home service inspection
$25.00 per hour
Wash and light detail outside of car
$50.00 per hour
Event Planning: We will assist with
planning, coordinating, organizing,
serving and of course clean-up on
your big day so you don’t have too.
Call for rate quote  
Video Production: We will
assist with web video,
commercial, sporting event,
documentary and of course
any other big events that
might need video production
Please call for more detailed
…Rates will vary
upon video service needed.
Miscellaneous Tasks: We will assist
with you with other tasks upon request.

We have the right of refusal to
participate in any activities deemed
dangerous, illegal or unethical.
If you cancel a scheduled service, Buying Time Services LLC requires 24 hours notice
or a $25 cancel fee applies.
We provide
professional and
personal services
for Central and
South Denver
are also available in
hourly increments and
make great gifts for
friends or family!  
Our services are
confidential and  
are available to