Shopping Services
Do you need a few items real quick from the grocery store while you are making dinner for
guests and don’t have time to go?  What about that gift you forgot to get and need, but you
are stuck at home with the kids with no time to schlep out? Well,
Buying Time Services
will take care of all your shopping needs from groceries to gifts. Just let us know where to
start, give us a list, a budget to go from and we will take care of the rest.  We can research
the items you need and check for any deals before purchasing the gift you want to buy. We
can make sure your pantry is stocked for the family and the birthday gift is purchased in time
for the big occasion.

Here is a list of the shopping services:
•        Personal Shopping for All Occasions (Grocery, Dept. Store, Specialty Shop)
•        Personal & Business Gifts  
•        Research Custom Gift Baskets
•        Book/Card Shopping
•        Unique Gift Shopping items
•        Internet Shopping
•        Grocery, Sam's Club & Department Store Shopping
•        Arrange Flower/Cookie/Gift Deliveries
•        Household or Hardware store shopping
•        General Shopping
•        And more upon request
*Individual services not mentioned will be considered*

**Prices do not include cost of third party goods and/or services obtained
on behalf of the client. Receipt from third party will be provided.**
Your “To Do" List is Our Job!