Senior Care Services
Buying Time Services can provide the support and non-medical care you would provide if
your schedule does not permit you to be there for your loved one. See our complete list of
services to determine how we can assist you or your loved one. BTS provides a few
specialized services just for seniors.

Here are examples of our services:
                           Run Errands or Shopping

The daily items that you can’t get to during the day BTS will do for you. Running to the
grocery store, department store and any other place that you would need help getting
something done.

                               Senior Meal Delivery

Making sure seniors eat healthy and have all they need to keep them happy is something that
is very important for our team. We will deliver fresh, healthy meals at scheduled times that
will accommodate your eating habits.

                        Senior Household Management

When it comes to doing things around the house, that seniors have a hard time doing, BTS
will make sure that those items get done.  Light housekeeping, organizational projects,
scheduling and paying bills are just a few things that we can help with to make sure you have
everything you need. Please look at our full list of household management and organization
on the website.


Scheduling a service is a commitment of time between you and our service providers. We
have reserved time just for you. When services are cancelled or missed, that time is
permanently lost. Please read our cancellation policy below:

Cancellation of services less than 24 hours (business days) prior to the start of service will
result in a charge of $25 for the canceling fee.
*Individual services not mentioned will be considered*

**Prices do not include cost of third party goods and/or services obtained
on behalf of the client. Receipt from third party will be provided.**
Your “To Do" List is Our Job!
are also available in
hourly increments and
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