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Personal assistants are the glue that holds individuals and business professionals lives together. Without
them, disorganization and chaos often ensues. While lifestyle management teams responsibilities can vary as
much as the people they work for, they all have one thing in common...they keep things running smoothly
for people with busy schedules.
The Facts:
The personal assistant job can be diverse and challenging, and it remains the first and foremost method of
breaking into a competitive career field. Essentially, a personal assistant performs daily tasks and errands
for individuals, busy families, seniors, business owners and successful business people. The contacts and
professional relationships acquired from working as a personal assistant are an invaluable asset, which is
why so many up and coming professionals are so eager to obtain these positions.

It is impossible to objectively define the role of a personal assistant since the responsibilities are shaped by
the individual he/she is working for. Often times, personal assistants are equated as a glorified servant. The
truth is tasks vary widely and run the gamut from reading email's to attending important business meetings
to picking up dry cleaning. There is no one definition for the role of a personal assistant.

The benefits of being a personal assistant can be endless. Professionals with limited industry experience can
get their foot in the door, learn the ropes, and build lasting professional relationships with individuals,
families and business power players. The oft-heard adage "It's all about who you know" is one to live by,
and being a personal assistant means having a leg up on those who lack those vital business connections.

There are many types of personal assistants. Most famously, personal assistants work for celebrities like
actors, models, writers, producers and directors. There are also assistants for businessmen and
businesswomen, as well doctors, lawyers and politicians. Farther from the mainstream are personal assistants
for the injured and disabled, and working parents in need of help running their households. Despite their
vast differences, the one thing all personal assistants have in common is that they are hired to make their
employers' lives easier.

It's important to understand the diverse and ever-evolving role of a personal assistant since they are the
unseen heroes in the lives' of the world's movers and shakers. Personal assistants keep things organized and
running smoothly, and they are also the future leaders of their fields.