Concierge Services
Giving you time back is something that Buying Time Services can help you with
throughout the year. Our team can make arrangements for travel, dining, shows, sporting
events, activities and more. Concierge services were once considered a luxury of the rich and
the upper middle class. Not anymore, they are now available to everyone at affordable
prices. In today's market, people are having a difficult time juggling work and personal
responsibilities, so our job is to help you accomplish those tasks. Buying Time Services can
be a powerful personal and business solution, so you can increase your time spent working
on other important aspects in your life.
Travel and Coordination Services that we can Provide Include:

•        Airline ticket arrangements
•        Vacation or business research information
•        Booking hotels or vacation packages
•        Set up ground transportation
•        Dining reservations/suggestions
•        Arrange for excursions and activities

Local and National Arrangements we can Provide Include:

•        Dinner reservations
•        Tickets for concerts or the theater
•        Sporting events
•        Local tourist attractions and tours
•        Tee times for golf
•        And more upon request
*Individual services not mentioned will be considered*

**Prices do not include cost of third party goods and/or services obtained
on behalf of the client. Receipt from third party will be provided.**
Your “To Do" List is Our Job!