Business Services
Buying Time Services provides assistance to small businesses and corporate America when
you need some extra support. Office organization, management, document deliveries and
planning events can be time consuming for some of our business clients.  A majority of
businesses need help to with the small stuff and we provide services that help at a low cost
to your company. Buying Time Services offers clients the ability to have their business needs
met while they continue to provide important services and time to their own customers. Our
services can be structured to meet your individual or company needs.  

•        Basic Business Services (clerical, filing, database, computer, light phone work etc.)
•        Courier/Messenger Services
•        Banking Needs
•        Get Mailings Ready
•        Office Assistant
•        Organizational projects
•        Pick up lunch for meetings
•        Delivery of court documents
•        Floral deliveries for valued employees
•        FedEx/UPS/Post Office package drop off
•        Dry Cleaning
•        Pick up office supplies
•        Research
•        Virtual Assistant
•        Concierge Services
•        Additional services upon request

                    Real Estate Services:

•        House Showings for rental or buying market customers (out of town customers included)
•        Stocking Frig Prior to Move In
•        Stocking of Flier Box
•        Waiting Service (cable, phone, deliveries)
•        Document Delivery Service
•        Assist Getting Home(s) Ready for Showings
•        Organize & De-Clutter
•        De-clutter prior to listing your home for sale
•        Packing/Unpacking Assistance
•        Help decorate or set up a new kitchen, a room, or the whole house
•        Additional services upon request

                   Management Services:
•        Contact Clients
•        Return Phone Calls
•        Letters, Correspondence, and E-mails
•        Meeting Liaison
•        Gifts, Thank You Notes, and Follow up
•        Schedule Appointments
•        Organize Meetings
•        Record and Set Reminders for Special Events
•        Travel Arrangements
•        Events for company (holiday party, retirement, special event)
•        Additional services upon request
Marketing Assistant Services:
•        Web research
•        Newsletters and Fliers
•        Media Production Referrals
•        Marketing Strategies
•        Business and Community Networking
•        Additional services upon request
Video Production Services:
•        Web Videos
•        Commercials
•        Producer projects
•        Documentary projects
•        Special events
•        Additional services upon request